Our Process

We begin with shared values. Are our organizations a match? Can we come alongside a work you are already doing and together create a sustainable and successful project?

Based on our partnership assessment and contract, we will craft a participatory photography clinic that focuses on our goal(s): empowerment, therapy, advocacy, research, or income generation.

Typically, we offer an initial two week workshop which teaches basic camera skills combined with times of reflection and simultaneous facilitator training for sustainable work. It is not about the skill, but the perspective behind the lens.

Potential Areas of Focus

Empowerment/Therapy: Vulnerable and marginalized populations have rarely been entrusted with something of value. Seldom is their opinion sought. Occasionally, they are able to find comfort in shared experiences and perspectives from their peers. Our process helps to reverse these trends.

Research: The international development community is recognizing the absence of the voices of the poor, particularly of children, in the programs and activities meant to bring about social change. Participatory photography is an effective way to hear from them.

Advocacy: Perhaps the greatest need in achieving sustainable change is raising awareness with local, national and global communities. Together, we will design an advocacy campaign that utilizes participant images, enhancing their voice to decision makers.

Income Generation: A possible outcome of the advocacy campaign may be the sale of images, photo essays, and such products that generate income for either the photographer or project. Additionally, some participants may advance in their skill to the point of it becoming a vocation.