Guiding Principles

On Photography

  • We invert the power paradigm. We give visual voice to the voiceless and allow the poor to be the authors, rather than the subjects, of the images used to represent their lives.
  • It is not the skill, but the perspective of the one behind the lens that is important.
  • Cameras and the act of choosing, reflecting upon, and sharing about the shot is part of the process of reframing identity and calling forth glory.

On Partnership

  • Our projects are a part of a larger plan of transformative development work.
  • We come alongside a national work with humility and an attitude of service.
  • We are culturally sensitive, taking cues and direction from our host partner.
  • We train local leaders to sustain the use of photography in community development.

On Poverty
  • Poverty is a result of broken relationships with God, self, others, and the environment.
  • Poverty demands a spiritual response.
  • God has always been at work in poor communities.