Our Philosophy

Images abound in today’s world. And, while they are often effective in raising awareness, they can be disempowering to the individual whose name and story is lost in the greater issue their image comes to represent. We do not hear enough from the poor themselves, nor see through their eyes.

Poor and marginalized women and children have the capacity and right to become the authors rather than the subjects of the images representing their lives. We shift the power paradigm by placing cameras in their hands.

Empowering participants is the first step in calling forth the image of God. The act of being seen, making a decision, and expressing an opinion are the beginnings of reframing.

What is ugly? Photo taken by Merve, age 14

We do not primarily focus on photographic skill, but on the perspective of the one behind the lens. As such, the visual expression of the participant allows us, as viewers, to glimpse a glory often marred by poverty — the glory of an individual with worth, value and dignity…a face reframed.

We partner with ministries in the developing world in an effort to help them be more effective in their work. We offer photography workshops which combine images and reflection to give a voice to the voiceless, ultimately reframing them and their communities with dignity.