Project Outcomes

The empowering process of our projects is a vital step in recognizing inherent worth and leading to a deeper understanding of the image in whom we were created.


Participants learn to express themselves visually. They become the author, rather than the subject of their story. When they learn to capture and describe what they see, they begin to imagine ways of changing their situation.

Partnership between collaborating organizations builds relationships that are historically tense if existent at all (particularly between interfaith groups). Serving alongside one another on behalf of the marginalized breaks down barriers and suspicion.

The exhibition and publication of participants’ work brings dignity to their lives, reframing them with beauty.

Public awareness impacts decision makers and changes culture. At times, it can generate revenue from international communities.

Ultimately, marginalized communities are reframed with hope and dignity.


A Face to Reframe seeks to empower individuals and communities to be agents of change in their own story. As such, success is achieved when local leaders have been trained and equipped to continue the process of using photography in the development of their community.

We leave our cameras and curriculum behind, but continue to be involved as consultants and advocates. The ongoing support of the chosen project is sustained because of community ownership.