Our Vision

We imagine a world in which women and youth who have been historically excluded and misrepresented in society, will rediscover their true identity and be reframed with dignity.

Our Mission

We reframe marginalized populations with dignity thru participatory photography in partnership with community organizations.

Our Motivation

At our most practical we tend to confine social justice to the Big 3 Necessities: food, clothing, shelter. Many people do wonderful work to meet these three needs of the world’s marginalized people. But we were created for more than the bare minimum and we miss out on a part of our responsibility toward one another when we limit our mission in the world to practical necessities. Even within the big three, we benefit from an attentiveness to beauty, to quality and to story.

And so the challenge for all of us as we think about how we can serve a local and global community is to think extravagantly as well as practically and to exercise our imaginations in the discipline of whimsy.

Kristen Vander Giessen-Reitsma (Ed.) (2008). Feeding the Hungry, Do Justice

Imagination and Whimsy

Our Source

Though we desire to partner with interfaith groups and work together for similar goals, we seek to be transparent with our foundational understanding of poverty…

The Bible tells us that we were created in God’s image. We were created within a loving relationship, with God and with one another. This is our identity. The Bible also says we were created to be fruitful and multiply- to subdue the earth. We were given a vocation. This is our calling.

Sadly, the result of sin was as holistic as creation- mankind experienced brokenness in every relationship… with God, himself, others, and his environment. Our identity and calling was marred. Broken relationships lead to broken systems and became the root of poverty.

But we believe Jesus brings shalom- a restoration of these broken relationships.

We believe that by calling forth the image of God in those for whom inherent worth and dignity has been marred by broken systems, broken relationships, and brokenness we can begin the kind of transformative work Jesus has the power to accomplish.

We believe God desires to reframe the poor and marginalized with the dignity he bestowed them at creation.

What We Do
Who We Are