• A Face to Reframe

    We imagine a world in which women and youth who have been historically excluded and misrepresented in society, will rediscover their true identity and be reframed with dignity.

  • Reframing with Dignity

    We reframe marginalized populations with dignity thru participatory photography in partnership with community organizations.

  • Living with HIV

    In 2012 we partnered with Northern Colorado AIDS Project to empower those living with HIV to raise the visibility of the reality of their presence in the community.

  • Unlocking authorship

    Empowering those who are traditionally the subjects to become the authors of the images used to represent their lives.

  • Finding Value

    In 2012 we partnered with The Matthews House to help youth in transition discover their worth and value and give voice to their perspective on the issues they face.

photography that reframes with dignity


What We Do

We offer participatory photography clinics with marginalized populations to empower participants, reframing them with dignity.

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July 8, 2013  |  No comment

On May 31, Turkish police brutally drove out demonstrators occupying the last remaining green space in a sea of concrete in Istanbul, protesting its destruction to make way for another shopping mall. Their defiance has launched a nationwide series of protests known as direngezi or “Resist Gezi,” the name of the symbolic park. Gezi Park was the spark which ignited widespread discontent over the authoritarian regime of Prime Minister Erdogan. The fact that police responded with tear gas and water canons confirmed Erdogan’s disregard to public opinion and participation. Within hours Twitter...
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